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Syros island, the Lady of the Aegean

The island complex of Cyclades, to which Syros belongs, is located at the southern Aegean sea. With such islands like Melos, where the famous statue of Venus (the one adorning today the Louvre Museum) was discovered; Santorini, a favorite destination … Continue reading

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Holy Mount Athos, Northern Greece, Macedonia

In Northern Greece, to the east of Salonika, second largest city of the country and a great commercial port of the Balkans, stands Chalkidiki. Chalkidiki is one of Greece’s 51 prefectures; it spreads over 720,053 acres, and it’s been home … Continue reading

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Pelion, The Mountain of the Centaurs

Mount Pelion rises in Central Greece, at 200 miles from Athens. This distance is, of course, an approximation, as Pelion is a big mountain stretching over a whole peninsula — it is, nevertheless, where you will find Volos, the capital … Continue reading

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Beautiful Medieval Town in Greece: Mystras

Mystras is, without any doubt, the most famous castle and medieval town in Greece. It is located in Southern Peloponese, at 140 miles from Athens and no more than 5 miles from modern Sparta. When Crusaders overcame and seized the … Continue reading

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Best Beaches in Greece

1. Navagio, Zakynthos (Zante) Navagio is perhaps the most famous of all Greek beaches. Its photo has made the round of the Earth on posters, calendars, postcards, and has been used as a promotional image of the country’s tourism. Navagio … Continue reading

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